Absolutely Famous: Book 2


ISBN: 978-0997092813

349 Pages/84,434 words

Published June 8, 2014


Ever since Sydney Tannen met Drew Forrester, her life has been a series of ups and downs. Dating Drew forced her back into the spotlight to face some of her childhood demons. Now, she has to relearn how to live with the fame that she ran from for so long. Can her relationship with Drew survive the celebrity-hungry society she’s been thrust back into?

When a media scandal that spans three countries and two continents threatens to destroy them and the people they love most, Sydney needs to decide if she’s strong enough to weather the storm that comes with being famous.


***You must read Relatively Famous first***


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Drew and Sydney are such a cute couple. I love that with all of the tabloids running stories about each other they know each other and they don’t allow the reports effect their relationship. PANTY DROPPING BOOK BLOG

My only disappointment is waiting for the next book, to find out what happens next. There are still unresolved issues and I wonder how everything will turn out. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. I found myself immersed in Drew and Sydney’s world and disappointed when the book ended. VORACIOUS READER


Drew grabs the back of his shirt and pulls it off in one quick tug. I grasp the waistband of his jeans and boxer briefs and yank them down his legs. He steps out of them, and stands impressively and wonderfully naked for me to admire. My breath catches in my throat. He’s so muscular and beautiful, like a sculpture of the perfect male form. I could look at him all day and never get tired.

He doesn’t give me long to admire him though, moving swiftly he grips my arms and tosses me onto the bed, taking control. Before I can process what’s happening, his big hands are on either side of my panties and he rips them in half, dropping the remnants on the floor.


Drew climbs on top of me, silencing my protest with his mouth, and fills me to the hilt in one quick thrust of his hips. He needed this as much as I did, maybe even more. “God baby, I’ve missed you so much. I need to know you’re still mine,” Drew says as he moves above me at an unhurried pace, pulling out almost all the way then slamming back in a controlled rhythm, driving me wild with frustration.

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