Relatively Famous: Book 1 (Free)

ISBN: 978-0997092806

354 pages/88,735 words

Published Jan 14, 2014


Sydney Tannen seems to have it all. As the daughter of Hollywood royalty, she grew up with money, looks, and fame. But with that also came stalkers breaking into her bedroom, paparazzi running her dad’s car off the road, and multiple kidnapping attempts. Her seemingly glamorous childhood was far from perfect.

At age twelve, her mom quits acting and moves Sydney to New York City, changing her last name to hide her from the craziness and danger. Now twenty-four, Sydney still keeps her identity a secret, not getting close enough to anyone for them to figure out who she is. Yet when she meets the gorgeous Drew Forrester in a chance encounter, she has to decide if it’s time to let someone in or if it’s better to stay alone forever.


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RELATIVELY FAMOUS is an absorbing story that pulled me in the first page. COCKTAILS AND BOOKS

I am so happy I got to read this because I just absolutely loved it and I was hooked into it from the very beginning. CANADIAN BOOK ADDICT


Drew reaches up, dragging a finger down my cheek all the way to my collarbone. The path he traces leaves my skin scorched as though he’s singeing me with an open flame. I’m going to burn to death from his touch if he doesn’t stop. He leans in close, our mouths almost meeting. His warm breath caresses my cheek. “Can I see you again?”

I can’t take it. He’s so close and he smells so good. I inhale deep and close my eyes, waiting for his mouth to cover mine. And … nothing happens. My eyes open to find Drew hovering an hairsbreadth from my face, his intense green eyes fixed on mine. “What? Am I wrong to expect a kiss goodbye?” Maybe I am wrong, I honestly have no idea how dating works.

Drew tilts his head and brushes his lips against my ear. “I’ll kiss you. As soon as you say that you’ll see me again.” He pulls back to wait for my response. His eyes mirror mine, filled with lust and longing. My body is strung as tight as a bow, ready to snap at any moment and beg him to take me.

“Yes,” I pant, drawing in quick breaths. “I’ll see you again Drew. Now please, kiss me.” I hardly finish speaking and Drew is on me, his large, hard body pressing me to the door, his mouth moving against mine sensually. He skims his wet tongue over my lips, asking me and let him in. My mouth parts and he takes full advantage, plunging into my mouth with sensual strokes.

A quiet moan vibrates in my throat. The soft sound sends Drew into a frenzy. His hands slide around my backside pulling me against him. I gasp when his erection grinds down against my stomach. Our kiss never breaks. It’s as if Drew can’t get enough. Long slow licks of his tongue delve into every part of my mouth in on of the most erotic kisses I’ve ever experienced. Desperate for air, Drew reluctantly breaks away and runs his teeth along my neck, nipping and kissing as he makes his way from my shoulder to my ear.

“Give me your phone, Sydney,” he growls, his deep, rumbling voice caressing my ear, sending chills down my spine. The desire pulsing through my veins has me unable to respond with more than a whimper. A rush of air where Drew was just pressed against me leaves me coldOpening my eyes, I find him staring down at me with pure, carnal need. His pupils are blown wide, the black nearly eclipsing the green. His face is flushed and his lips swollen from our kisses.

Drew holds out his hand. “Your phone. Please.” I reach over to the small table next to the door and feel for my purse. Somehow I’m able to dig through it and find my phone without ever breaking eye contact. I drop it in his open palm. Quickly, Drew expertly manipulates it while I lean against the heavy wooden door, catching my breath.

He gently places my phone back on the table and I hear a quite beep from his jeans. Drew’s eyes alight with mischief. “Well, well.” He removes his own phone from his pocket. “You sent me a text and asked me to dinner tomorrow night.” He swipes the screen and I hear my own phone beep as he slides his back into his pants. Drew brings his hand to my chin and tips my face back until we’re eye to eye again. “I said yes.”

Dear god that’s hot.

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