UnthinKable. UnimagInable. UndeniabLe. UnforgivabLe. SalvageablE. Redeemable.

ISBN:  978-0997092875

285 Pages/68,509 words

Published March 15, 2016


Ten years ago, their lives shattered to pieces…

And he’s the KILLER that has to live with it.

Two people. One incident. Interwoven between two damaged souls in ways they don’t understand.

“The fact I feel anything should let me know I’m headed in the wrong direction, headed down a path of darkness, destruction, and failure. A path that will dig out memories so painful I’ve created an entire persona to avoid dealing with them. Yet I know—I’m going down that path headfirst no questions asked, no matter the outcome.

I might be a monster, but I’m a selfish one.”—Keller Keating

“When his strength envelops me, every wrong becomes right, every anxiety melts away, every doubt disappears. I feel calm, safe, whole. The spark of life that’s been missing inside burns bright, lighting me up like a solar flare, sizzling white-hot through my veins. Keller brings me out of the darkness and into the light.”—Britton Reeves



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Holy smokes. This is on of the best books I’ve read for 2016. and I’ve been having a terrible reading funk for the year. so this says a lot. Carissa, Got More Books Blog

I honestly cannot recommend this book highly enough. I read it in just over a couple of hours….I just couldn’t put it down. It drew me in and I found my breath hitching on more than one occasion. Fictional Book Ho’s

Do yourself a favor and buy this book. It’s gripping and one helluva thrill ride. I wish I could read it for the first time over and over again. Author K. Webster

I flew through this book and gasped a sigh when it was over. Heather killed it. 5 stars. Heather, Obsessed With Myshelf

I don’t reread books often, but I know that this is one book I’d read a million times over…..just to get more Killer! Melissa, Alpha Book Club

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