Resist: Gavin

Book 3 in the Rockstar Series

ISBN: 978-1514830185

322 Pages/78,699 words

Published August 9, 2015

Take one petulant rockstar, one twitchy ex-FBI agent, throw in a deadly stalker, and watch sparks fly.
Gavin Walker has a stalker. A dangerous one. Ex-serial killer profiler, Mitch Hale hates spoiled celebrities. When he’s hired to track down whoever is sending ‘gifts’ to the famous bass player, Mitch finds more than just a crazy criminal.


***This book contains bratty rockstars, ex-FBI agents in denial, and hot m/m action***


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I love M/M books and this was no exception. LOVED IT!! The chemistry between Gavin and Mitch is electrifying. Their constant fighting makes it that much hotter!!


WOW!! This was my first read from Heather C. Leigh and I loved it! From the beginning I was absolutely captivated and a little emotional. I was intrigued by Gavin’s past, and I wanted to know more!



Weaving through the crowd at the club, I follow Gavin to the back hallway that houses the kitchen and bathrooms. Once I’m out of sight of the other guests, I grab a shocked Gavin’s upper arm and shove him into the men’s room. “Hey! Quit being an asshole!” Gavin wrenches out of my grip, turning to sneer. “I’ll put you on your knees again, Hale!”

The thought of being on my knees in front of Gavin sends a flush of heat up my body. I can feel the fire in my cheeks and by the way Gavin’s eyes widen, I’m betting he can see it too. “I’m not the one behaving like a brat!” I growl in a low voice. Ducking, I check to make sure no one else is in the stalls. Once I’ve made sure it’s clear, I lock the bathroom door.

“Brat?” Gavin shouts. “I’m a brat?”

“Yes, you’re a brat. Ever since we had our picture taken outside, you’ve been unbearable to be around!”

“You’re not the one whose entire life was just turned upside down out there!” he yells.

I step closer, more furious than I’ve ever been. “Are you kidding me? You are so unbelievably self-centered!” Those damn hypnotizing full lips fall open in shock. “I was just outed too, and I’m not even fucking gay!”

Without thinking, I grab either side of his head, digging my fingers into that thick, blonde hair, and crush my mouth over his.

And it’s the hottest kiss of my life.

Just, damn.