Strike: Dax

Book 2 in the Rockstar Series

ISBN: 9781310340987

337 Pages/82,136 words

Published June 7, 2015


Dax Davies has one job to fulfill in the Davies household. Earn money at the family business. The problem is that the family business is illegal underground fighting.  From a young age, Dax and his brothers are groomed to become money earners in their father’s club.
Kate Campbell loves one thing in life. Well, two. Soccer and Dax Davies. Growing up in the poorest part of London, soccer is her personal escape from reality and the fact that Dax doesn’t seem to know she exists.
Kate doesn’t plan on ever getting a chance to know Dax as more than an unattainable dream. After a mutual acquaintance brings them together, it only takes one ill-fated night at the fight club tear them apart.


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This book was so good. Sexy, sweet. suspenseful, and with quite a few twists, this book will grab you from the beginning while you devour it whole in one sitting like me. This author has a way of creating a romance that is intense, edgy, and thrilling. ?


This author just about hit the nail on the head with this book – she pitched the perfect shot, got the characters bang to rights and left me on the right side of giddy – great work!



I was eight years old when I broke my first bone. My older brother is the one who did it, while my father watched, criticizing my fight stance as it snapped. If you’re male and born in the Davies household, you have one and only one job—to fight. My parents have four boys, which means most of our childhood was spent beating the absolute shite out of each other. As the youngest, and for a long time, the smallest brother, I’ve had so many fractured bones I’m not sure if there are any left that haven’t been cracked at least once.

“C’mon lad, you’re up.” Out of the corner of my eye I see my dad poke his head into the tiny locker room of his underground fight club, his bushy eyebrows raised as he waits for my response. The strong scent of antiseptic stings my nostrils when I take a few deep, calming breaths.

“I’ll be out in a second.”

He glares at me. “Don’t make me come back in here, Dax. There’s a big crowd and a lot of money riding on you tonight. Plus,” his angry face breaks into a grin. “I got a nice reward for ya afterwards, aye?”

Fuck calm.

A blaze of heat rushes up my chest and neck. “I said I’d be out in a second!” I’m not sure exactly who it is I’m yelling at as my dad is long gone, the doorway he was standing in is empty. I can’t help my short temper. My dad wants me this way, molded me to be this way, the same he did my three older brothers. Pent up frustration leads to domination in the ring, and my dad is an expert at making you frustrated. He dictates everything—what I eat, who I fight, he even has a system for when I can get laid.

The rules.