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Monty Python/Nicholas Sparks Mashup

Welcome to the second installment of media mashup. Today's mashup is Monty Python meets Nicholas Sparks. For those of you who didn't read last week's blog, my posts take the idea that if one pop culture reference is good, two has to be better, right? I've always loved...

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Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh2 days ago
Here's some #MCM love! Happy Monday! ❤

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Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh5 days ago
"The screams from the flat next door start up like clockwork at ten p.m., just like they do every night."-INCITE

Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh7 days ago
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Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh1 week ago
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