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Dexter/Seinfeld Mashup

For whatever bizarre reason, last night I was thinking about my two favorite TV shows, Dexter and Seinfeld, or specifically, the title characters. Then I had an idea. A really strange idea. What would happen if the shows were mashedup? If Dexter Morgan and Jerry...

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Mean Reviews… and other Monday Stuff

Every author gets them. JK Rowling got 71,000 one-stars for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Gone With the Wind received 20,000 of them as well. So it's no surprise that little ol' me has a few nasty reviews of my own. You're not a real author until you've...

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F*cking Awkward Holiday Edition

Yay! It's that time of year. Weather gets cooler, leaves begin to fall, everything on earth become pumpkin spice scented or flavored, AND time for Holiday books.  To follow up the wildly successful, USA Today Bestselling F*cking Awkward, we are bringing you the...

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Social Media Chatter

Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh2 days ago
Here's some #MCM love! Happy Monday! ❤

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Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh5 days ago
"The screams from the flat next door start up like clockwork at ten p.m., just like they do every night."-INCITE

Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh7 days ago
Do you have a favorite read of the year? Share in the comments!
Heather C. Leigh
Heather C. Leigh1 week ago
What's your favorite show? Share by using a gif in the comments!
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