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Let’s talk about ebook pirates.


The irritating hangnail of the literary world has become a festering sore. What used to be an annoyance is stripping authors of money. Lots of it. Now it’s not just the ebook money they’re picking out of our pockets, the slippery bastards have moved into the realm of audiobooks.

When audiobooks are published via Amazon’s ACX, authors have zero price control. An author cannot post a sale, raise or lower a price point, or do anything to make their product more marketable. With the recent increase in audiobook prices at Amazon (after years of underpricing to drive out all potential competition) pirating has become more rampant.

The newest way to lie, cheat, and steal? Youtube.

I’m fairly certain Rachel Van Dyken didn’t authorize the 15,000 “listens” to her book, Empire, but the owner of this illegal Youtube channel has no problem stealing from her by capitalizing on Youtube ad money.

*please don’t click and give this asshat another ‘view’ unless you’re going there to tell them to quit stealing*

Fortunately, Youtube is very good at taking down pirated content when contacted by the copyright holder, but I’m afraid this is just the beginning.